Dilemma: To LOVE or LET GO

Ever found that someone who makes you smile for no reason? Makes you feel beautiful, loved, valued, and especial? Oh yes, that’s normal. You will really fall for him. He exerted a good amount of effort letting you know how much he loves you. You responded and loved him back too.

As life began to get sweeter on this side of the earth, change still makes its way through anything. And when Isay anything, I mean anything! Including him.He’ss now going through life as usual, he had you, he is happy with you in his life. You both promised to stay in each other’s life through ups and downs, no matter what. Now he’s starting to show some things you don’t like. He does not text or call you as often as before, when he’s physically tired at work you feel like sweet longings from you irritates him, he does not make so much effort to make you feel better now. It’s like he stopped pursuing you already because he knows you will just be there. Now you feel like you suddenly have an Attention Deficiency Disorder.

You are now asking a question: will still choose to love him despite the fact that you feel like he changed? Or will you let go of him already because you think you deserve someone who can exchange the same love you have for him, so you will let go this time? You are thinking now if he will be worth your endurance of the pain you feel now if you will choose to stay, or if you should look for someone who will not make you feel that way.

You believe that to choose to love him is to stay no matter what, and look beyond what ia just here and now to what there could be. That to choose to love him is to accept him for what he is and not try ti change him. Are you ready to embrace all he is? The good you tasted of him when you fell in love with him, and the pain he causes now?.

If you will let go, do you think you will find another who’s better than him? Will you not regret it?

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