Let’s just face it; we all have our weaknesses. None of us are ever perfect here (although some may think of themselves differently.)

We may be physically grown-ups on the outside, but deep down? Well, let this be our own retorical question, okay? We don’t even need to debate on this. It all depends on how willing we are to accept that yes, this life isn’t just all about us. We don’t always get what we want and we just have to deal with that.

So, what are the signs that you should stop acting childish and caving into your already ‘bloated’ ego?

It is true that how you were brought up as a child influences how you are as an adult today. Perhaps, you’ve been used to being (overly?) pampered. Maybe you’re an only child, an only son or daughter. Perhaps your parents just love you so much that they’ve forgotten to teach you how to deal with the real world as it is. So you end up with the ‘make-believe’ priviledge you don’t even really earn. You see, priviledge is only an illusion. None of us have ever really owned anything here. We all come and leave with nothing. It’s just that simple.

So why do we still act as if the whole world owes us anything?

What do you normally do when you don’t always get what you want? Do you continue fighting for it? Do you give up and simply accept the fact as it is? It all depends on what and how much you want it, right? Don’t forget the situation too.

What if you sulk like a child because of it? You refuse to talk to anybody. You lock yourself in your room like an angry teenager. If you have the guts or the craziness in you, you might escape and disappear. Good luck in trying to go back!

If you’re still a child, maybe that’s still acceptable. Perhaps your darling parents had still let you get away with it when you were a kid. They might have thought that soon you’d be growing out of it.

Perhaps most people around you had given into your demands easily after you sulked like that as a child. You’ve grown used to it. Maybe it was purely out of annoyance and / or exhaustion instead of love. I mean, come on. Who are you trying to kid here? What makes you believe that this whole wide world revolves around you?

What if you’re already an adult now, married and with kids already? What will your husband / wife and kids think of you? How will your kids perceive you once they’re all old enough to understand? Is this what you’re going to teach them – solving problems by running away like a coward? Constantly nagging like a spoiled brat?

It’s true that how you were brought up as a child influences you as an adult. However, do us all a favour here: let’s NOT make that A LAME EXCUSE! That’s not going to do you any good. Be self-responsible for your own feelings, thoughts, and actions for once! It’s not all about you; it’s about other people too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Creating such drama out of bits will only get you to be the laughing stock – and that’s not even funny. No one will take you seriously. A man who demands such false priviledges and a woman with a diva attitude are as equally annoying. You don’t earn respect from that. It doesn’t even matter if you’re older, richer, or / and more experienced in life. It’s about how you treat people.

Growing up is the only choice. You can’t control anyone but yourself. Seriously, constantly whining about how unfair life to you is only makes you sound immature and ungrateful to God.

What else? Well, the tragic part is, some people have never really listened to their parents nor paid attention in school. Perhaps that’s why there are so-called ‘adults’ who seem to only use courtesy just to gain their personal achievements or goals, whatever they may be. It’s not about being genuine; it’s all about looking good from the outside, gaining public admiration and appreciation.

In other words, you’re only especially nice to people when you want something from them. It’s obvious from your overly warm greetings and praises to them, especially if it’s completely out of the blue. What’s the surprise? Well, you don’t even say “please” and “thank you” unless strongly reminded. (Hey, I suppose all who study PR in university or work in PR are already smart enough not to be reminded of such simple matters!) You don’t even ask if they’re busy or not. You just want them to do as you please and that’s it.

What if they don’t? You take it personally. You think they’re mean, when in fact it’s the way you ask for their help that has put them off. You think you’re all that, huh? What a joke – and I’m just not laughing right now.

You can’t blame them for their lack of or no willingness to help you. It’s just how you ask for their help in the first place. No respect and no appreciation? Nothing is the only that you’ll ever get.

You need to change how you look at yourself and treat other people. No, courtesy is not the same as hypocrisy – as long as it’s genuine.

Who knew? You may have suffered in the past. Well, guess what? We all have at some point. Not everybody chooses to be nasty to others just because one believes they’re entitled to and out of sick vengeance.

There’s always a room for a change, for as long as you live. It depends on your willingness.


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