This has been a good summer thus far and I’m a better person for it. I’ve gone kayaking, scenic rafting, hiked many miles, been camping, have fun! Oh and the other night I got caught in a Moose Jam. lol. People stopped to observe a baby moose on the side of the road and we waited for traffic to continue but then the moose went out in front of the cars and blocked everyone from moving! Things only got hairy when momma moose came out and looked a little peeved at those brave and stupid enough to get within arms length of the baby. I remember being stuck in traffic when I lived in the city but never would I have imagined living in a place where moose, bear, and other animals were jamming the road! lol That was a pretty sweet night. We stopped into Rexburg to go to walmart and the exit ramp #was 333.. Which has meaning for me and in one of my current situations. Then as we get to walmart we walk up there at 11:11pm and its closed.. We drove 2 1/2 hours only to have the walmart be closed. If only we hadn’t gotten stuck in a moose jam! haha Well we ended up driving to the walmart in Idaho falls since it was only another 35 miles away. We get there at midnight and I was so tired that I let myself buy all the shit I had been putting off like a sleeping bag, swim suit, more socks and undies and I forgot what else. Oh and I also bought ben a 30pk of his type of beer for only 20.88. Gotta love walla world.

The whole thing about 333 is that when I’ve been hesitant about ben that number has appeared. When I bought condoms at target and a few other things my total was 33.33.. Low and behold two days later we are going camping together and those suckers came in handy. Then the night I went into Rexburg and I saw that number 333 exit I knew that things between him and I would be and he would come to me. Which is what happened. I called him for the first time and left a vmail(his phone was off and went straight to vmail). I guess he didn’t even check it but walked with my roommate to my dorm room and was trying to weasel his way inside but she shooed him away cause I was sleeping. lol. Ben and myself had a good laugh about that. I know we are more connected than I’ve even been with anyone. Hell I’ve never allowed anyone to be close to me. The reason why I was unsure what was going on between us was because he always talks about other women and its a turn off. So after camping I stayed away. I tried to avoid him but as I rolled out of bed and to the edr at an odd time low and behold he was there. I walked home with him but he didn’t seem to want to walk with me and I got upset. We got into an heated thing and he left saying ooohh I dunno about you. One of these days im going to have to let him know to not fuck with me when I start channeling which was a surprise to me. I had forgotten my amulet was in my jacket and touched it and I was instantly in the higher dimensions. He kept trying to talk to me and took my seriousness as something to do with him. When in reality I was in download mode.

So I’ve taken my “break” to see if he is someone that I want to invest time with and I suppose I’ve gotten my answer because my heart gets excited to see him. This morning I caught him watching me clock in and the look of pure love was radiating his face. <3

Ahhh this is going to be an amazing summer!

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