Chapter One: Operation Pink Watermelon

Chapter 1: Operation Pink Watermelon

“I won’t stop until I eat all the pink from this watermelon”, that’s how it all began. “You are God with words” she said. That’s how we both referred to this escapade, “Operation Pink Watermelon”.

The date and time was set, we are going to do this. We can’t get caught; or an atomic bomb will go off. You see in the Army a Staff Sergeant and a Private are completely off limits…against regulations. That’s an automatic career ender for anyone, especially if you are a married man. But she was hotter than two Suns combined.

Wednesday 17June2015 was the plan. We were both still unsure about this. Can I trust you, I said? She said yes, of course, I won’t talk to anyone about this. That’s when I knew she was truly serious about it too because I felt as if it was a set up. You see, plenty of men have been caught braking this rule. Men that are considered leaders and uphold the rules, getting caught sleeping with newbies would mean serious repercussions.

I hate curveballs! Unfortunately Wednesday was called off. The opportunity slipped through my hands, especially when she was scheduled to relocate from the camp the next day for good. That day I had to transfer a Soldier with emergency status three hours away from our location. It was late and the mission was to transport Soldiers back to the camp.

I arrived the next evening and the flood lights were off. “I turned the camp lights off in order to set the mood”, I said. That comment broke the ice in resuming our secret escapade conversation again…it work!

We met behind a truck a little ways away, there was a cot there so it was perfect. Our heart were racing, we feared the worse.  All which produced the best climax of our life. This experience was what made me start this journal, I should’ve started long ago.

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