If you’re dying, just die.

Well well well, saw a woman here who’s dying and looks like she’s pissing off everyone coming her way. Who told you to fuck off everyone here huh? If you bitter of your situation, it’s not because of it really. It’s because of your attitude  How sad you’ll be dying in sadness, bitterness, indifference, sorrow, darkness, hatred, and all the loneliness in the world. It’s not people’s fault why you’re dying miserable. It’s your reaction that sprouts from your attitude that will make you end up like that.

Oh? you recognized this is you I’m talking about, huh? Now, do you like it? I bet you are looking for additional pain in the ass. This is what you’ve been wanting all along. Self torture! If you hate living in this world because people around you are living healthy and longer, it’s not their fault! Don’t be bitter. If your life is getting short it’s because you never learned to appreciate that you were once given this borrowed thing called life. You breathe, you eat, you sleep, you can do things others can’t. Yet you are ungrateful. Instead of appreciating what you have, you are looking for wht you do not have. You’re not the most problematic person in the world. Someone out there was born without arms and limbs, some were born incomplete physically, yet they are enjoying their lives. Someone was born with a disease that made her look old so fast and eventually die as soonas possible. She just had her 18th birthday on May 30th but she looks 144 years old already, but she chose to love amd live life withthe people who cares for her. Anytime she’s ready to leave, but he will leave happy. How about you?


Now I know what you’re thinking.

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