Am I enough? Letter to my husband

Today I asked you what are top things u worry ab.. I really just asked to make lunchtime conversation, but the question its self has really made me think ab a lot of things. I told u, I worry most ab making everybody happy, and it’s true. 100% without a doubt in my head, I am always worried if you are happy, and if the kids are. If I’m permanently screwing them up, or if I do enough to make u happy. My heart physically hurts for you sometimes, bc I know some of the pain and burdens you carry around on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m able to convince myself ur happy, but then other times I worry that you have just went into cruise control and become numb. Often when I’m thinking about how lucky I am with you, and all the things I love most about you, a wonder, but what do I offer? Why does he love me? I suck at cleaning, my brain is all over the place, I’m forgetful, not a natural caregiver… What do I bring to our marriage to make it better, to keep him happy, to not make him want

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