Chapter Two: Operation Thick Blanket

Chapter Two: Operation Thick Blanket

It is quite a task to have sex on a cot; especially if it’s inside of a LMTV truck.   It is so annoying to say the least. We tried to be incognito but the rocking noise worried me the most. Operation Pink Watermelon lasted about an hour, and I believe the fear of getting caught played a major part…well she enjoy it for sure.

We had an “AAR”, or what we call an After Action Review of Chapter One for shits and giggles. The purpose of an Army AAR is to receive audience feedback on a particular area of instructions. It was fun for us; and one of the improvements was to find a way to eliminate the rocking noise and increase confortability level at the same time.

I got rid of the cot and place a thick blanket that I found inside the truck which was used to protect fragile equipment during transport. It was perfect, she was excited. This is how Operation Thick Blanket evolved.


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