People treat labels like price tags
They don’t just put them on designer’s shoes and bags
They slap them on other things too, like animals and even each other
They decide on what or who is better

People put so much trust and faith on those labels,
judging on what’s worthy and who’s more credible
Sometimes they’re not even aware
of labels on what they (choose to) wear

People treating labels as price tags?
They often make this world get seriously whacked
It feels a lot worse than a personal, direct slap in your face
They often stare you down and put you in disgrace

Labels = price tags?
Please, don’t make me gag
Why don’t we try fixing what’s closest from our grasp first
instead of making others feel bad about themselves or even worse?

Perhaps you can get those labels out of my sight
God, I don’t even want to be involved in this endless and useless fight
I’ll keep removing those dreadful ‘price tags‘ and just keep quiet
I want my peace of mind and none of this riot!


(Jakarta, 21/6/2015 – 10:50 am)

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