Chapter 2a: FRAGO (Operation Thick Blanket)

Chapter 2a FRAGO (Operation Thick Blanket)

Our escapade location was compromised for Operation Thick Blanket. The boys created a fire pit right next to the truck, we couldn’t use our field bedroom that night.  However, I was in the search for a new mating spot. So a FRAGO had to be initiated.

A FRAGMENTARY ORDER [FRAGO] is used to send timely changes of existing orders to subordinate and supporting commanders while providing notification to higher and adjacent commands.

I began to scan the area, check the empty tents…our boss, the Battalion Commander, was savvy and assigned two rolling guard to check the empty unoccupied tents he knows people want to do their freaky things. Can’t use those. However, there was one empty tent that was always overlooked!

The DFAC, or Dining Facility, had two tents and we only occupied one since we didn’t have all the Soldiers. Sort of like an ‘overflow’ tent. I thought that was the perfect spot, but I was wrong. Well, wrong for us but the right mating tent for someone else.

To my surprise, two Soldiers were already getting busy in there. I had the authority to impose serious repercussions, but I wouldn’t be able to stand my hypocrisy.

We called it off. When it’s meant to be, things fall in place quite easily. This night things did not looked right, so we went with our gut.

“I am craving for your 🌽”, she said. That was blood pumping, like my penis was given an adrenaline shot. She looks/looked so innocent, but if people just knew. She didn’t want to just kiss, she wanted me completely inside  of her. She’s a very slim girl, maybe 95lbs, at the most…very flexible and beautiful. Not to sound conceded but I am very large, and she took the whole 9 inches (or at least I want to think its 9″) like a pro.

I grabbed the thick blanket from the other truck to a similar truck down the hill. No one was going to bother to look around there because it was right outside the constatina wire entrance. It worked, however, I had to stop humping a few times. We thought we were compromised again; the headlights of vehicles entering and exiting the camp alerted us.

We met at 1030pm & finished about 1120pm…it was amazing, but the Mosquitos killed us. She said, “I liked tonight a lot.” The best sex we’ve had.



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