Is there no one I can trust?

Everyone lies. We are all imperfect people who are easily hurt. We have large egos and quick tongues.

But why?

its fucking useless to lie.

The truth will always come out. Might be in ten minutes or ten years but it will come out. People are stupid. Eventually something will slip or someone will get mad and pop goes the weasel.

Just fucking tell the truth. Tell it. The worst truth is better than the best lie.

Why can’t we as a society suck it up, act like fucking adults and be honest. You want to fuck some bimbo down the street, tell your wife. You don’t get your license back for 6 months, don’t tell your girl friend you’re going to court next month. She won’t forget. And she will find out. And then when you try to play the poor me card by saying you disappoint everyone you won’t get any sympathy, and do you know why?! Because you’re the liar. Not her. You lied. It’s your fault. You should feel like shit. Poor me on top of a lie is like kicking a tree then bitching that your foot hurts. You kicked a tree you dumb ass

Its funny because you told that lie then immediately went on the defense. That should’ve tipped me off. But no… I just felt all weird not know why you were acting weird all of a sudden.

Liars fucking suck.

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