Writing journal on my desktop

It’s been a very long time that I sit down on my desktop. Ever since I moved to big room, I did not really bother to use desktop and I don’t know why. Anyways, just wanna to see it still works okay and seems like it does.

Seems like I have a lot going on lately. I kind of need to write them down to prioritize things.

– Need to find a roommate

– Update on wp user frontend

– WP theme project Simtiful

– Book and hotel and get a plan for NY trip in August

– othoo.com direction

– Find a usage on my new tablet lol (Find a way to use voice recorder on multi-window. So I can practice pronunciation)

– Keep looking for that thing I have been always looking 🙂

These are the things I need to get done or constantly work on. Well, nothing seems harder than travel to the moon or walk on the water.

Today, I listened a podcast had a Black Obama as a guest and just wanted to point out that he kept personal journals for about 7 or 10? years. He said that sometime he read through them and found himself not much different than 20 years ago which is interesting to me. I have been keeping journals from 2006(I believe lol) but have not really read though my old journals and don’t really feel like read them at this moment. Maybe later when I feel like go back and read them, I can share how I feel about it.

It’s 9:58 PM here in Chicago. I will probably go to sleep early today. goodnight everyone!

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