cheaters never prosper

Honestly cheaters suck. If you want to be with somebody else other than your significant other than okay, dont lead your significant other on.

I personally have been cheated on twice. The first time my boyfriend asked one of my friends for explicit photos to which she denied, he then tried to approach her and tried to have sexual relations with her. Luckily she was a good friend of mine and she denied him immediately and told one of my other friends who told me. I then proceeded to call him and ask him about it. He didnt even defend himself or deny it, all he said was “okay”. So I broke up with him, he then went to go out with my best friend who was not aware of the situation because i honestly didnt want to tell anyone at the time (i prefer to hold things in and keep them to myself). But when i told her what happened she went to go ask him about it and again he didnt deny it or confirm it so she continued on dating him. I warned her about him but she didnt listen. She broke up with him when she found him doing the same thing to another girl.

The second time I was at some sort of festival at my school, I was working it, and i was going to be there and not in my regular classes or lunch for 2 days. I had told my boyfriend of around 3 months about it and he said okay that we will meet after school and hang out. Throughout the festival the first day we texted, even though he was in class and I was working. After school I waited for him and he never showed up. He texted me saying that he had to go home and take care of his younger brother so of course I said that I didnt have a problem with it. My friends suddenly approached me saying that they had something that they needed to tell me. They said that during lunch they saw my boyfriend all over another girl, and that when they approached him saying “What about your girlfriend?” he replied with “What girlfriend? I havent had a girlfriend in months”. I got so mad but I had to keep working so I calmly went back inside and proceeded to cry in a corner at my station. When I had appropriately gathered myself I called him asking him about the situation. He said that it never happened, that my friends were just lying to me. So just to confirm, the next day I went to the spot that he usually hangs out in during lunch and confronted the girl about the situation. She said that it did happen but she honestly thought he wasnt in a relationship because he had told her that he wasnt. She also said that right after my friends asked him about me she pushed him away. I went to ask my friends and they said that she did in fact push him away. So i called him and broke up with him saying that I had enough evidence to prove that it really did happen.

The messed up part is that if you go up to any of these guys and ask them about this, they will fake innocence and act as if it never happened.

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