do i need one?

Well today was a bust. I really have not done anything all week and its kindof depressing. The highlight of my day was spending around 10 minutes to feed my dog (not as interesting as it seems). So in an act of boredom I decide to go on and maybe listen and give feedback on whatever people need to vent on. I felt as if i was doing good, I helped some people, I even helped a couple who were having issues. So in a spur-of-the-moment decision I decide to vent my problems because like all people I have problems to. So i get connected to this one person and I start talking to them about my dad and the issues that I have been having with him and this person assumes that i am “trolling” them. This person says that the “custody agreement” that I apparently “made up” is ridiculous and that i should “put some more effort into my trolling”. So I am left to think that my situation is either so bad that it is thought to be made up or is so unorganized or unbelievable that a person who is supposed to help me assumes that I am making it up. Like isnt the point of being a listener to listen to other peoples problems? When the whole conversation started I honestly asked for their opinion on how to handle the situation or just their opinion in general. I did not expect for them to think that i would make something like that up. To think that there are people out there who will go on this site and just “troll” like that sickens me. It causes people who really need help to not get the help they need. To make matters worse the person did not even allow me time to explain my situation and possibly convince them that I am not making it up (which I shouldnt have to). They just disconnected from the conversation while I was in the middle of typing. This website allows for you to see when the other person is typing so this person I was talking to deliberately disconnected knowing full well that I was typing.

This whole situation is honestly so ridiculous in itself. That whole conversation just lowered my self confidence, and I dont think I will feel comfortable talking to anybody else about my situation.

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