Good looks

I think now that things are settling back into place I want something more solid in my life person wise. I mean yeah I’m having fun banging all these hot dudes and my current steady Fuck buddy is really fun and great at delivering it hard bonus he also smokes me up every time I go over. But I really want to cuddle. And kiss and fall asleep in someone’s arms. I mean it doesn’t need to be this crazy heavy emotion but definitely the connection. I’ve been feeling this way for a while but my last two encounters have left me craving more of them. The first not as bad the second though… yeah the second. He really blew my mind. And his sense of humour was great. So when he texted me saying he wants to not be a sex addict anymore I felt something inside me go oh Damn wow. :/ I can’t get him out of my head and I keep telling myself it was just sex no big but actually yeah it was a big deal. I haven’t gotten that wet from sex since I was sixteen haha. And I will never see him again :/ :/ he was amazing. I worry I’m never going to meet anther so good in bed.

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