How I Met Your Father – The Guy From The Bus

Kids, you know how the universe works in mysterious ways… for this story, I’m gonna need to back up a little. In the summer 2014, I was unemployed and had broken up with my last boyfriend at that moment, so I would try to keep myself busy by going out with friends, started taking Pole Fitness classes.. anything that would keep me from being alone at home would work for me.
So; Where am I going with this?… many times, and I really mean MANY times… when I took the bus to go somewhere, I used to bump into the same guy, over and over again. Of course I know this because he called my attention. He was tall, thin, kindda blonde, green eyes, skinny, and well… just my type of guy.
Thing is, I started seeing him almost everywhere I’d go, and it was really odd and I began to feel curious on he was, or even if I had met him before cause I had seen him so many times, I started to believe I had. One day, I was looking at my Home on Facebook, and I see this guy tagged on one of my sister’s friend’s photos, so naturally… I asked her who he was. Even though she told me and I had access to his profile, for some reason I did not add him to my friends… All I did was stalk his profile a bit.

Time passed by, and I never saw him again. He wasn’t even in my mind though… I wouldn’t really think of him other than when I bumped into him.
On December that same year, 2 days before New Years Eve.. I was now employed, but again, had just broken up with some other guy, so I was staying at your grandpa’s for some days so I wouldn’t be alone at home. You know that being there is not much fun, so I was laying on my bed late that night, and I decided to download on my phone an App which was called “Tinder”. I’m not proud of this kids, but this was actually an app for people to find other people to hook up with. I promise, that was not quite my intention.
See this app would show you a picture of the other person and you’d be able to “Next” that person, or click on a little “Heart” if you liked them, and if this same person “hearted” your picture, then a chat window would open.

There I was, hearting and nexting, until I see a picture of a guy playing guitar (Yes, one of my weaknesses). I kept looking at this guy’s pictures, and he turned out to be the guy from the bus. Of course, I couldn’t do anything other than “heart” him, and so did he; The chat window opened and we started talking for a couple of hours.
The following day, he texted me and asked me if I wanted to get together and have some beers, and I accepted!. Of course, I was excited about this… I mean it’s awesome how someone I never met, would call my attention and would be in the same places at the same time as me multiple times, and still I’d get to actually meet him almost 1 year later… and the weirdest part is that he had no idea of my existence. It’s like we had missed each other every time, and then met through a silly phone app.
Anyways, we went for a walk that night, then we had some beers in his apartment.. and well.. the night turned out to be NC-17.
I had a great time, he was not the first guy I’d sleep with after my last relationship, but he sure was the one I had the best time with. Believe me, I’m not exaggerating he actually made me feel good, comfortable, it felt right even though he was a complete stranger to me.
Story went on, and we’d meet to have a chat and sleep together many times after that first one.. I was OK with this, but then I started liking the little I knew about him, and I really felt like getting to know him better.

Three months later, on a Friday night, I went out for drinks with a friend, and after 5 beers, I had no better idea than to text him drunk.. and here’s when I fucked up.
After several drunk-texts, he told me he was only one block away from where I was so I told him I’d go and say Hi. I was a bit pissed off with him, cause I felt he was kindda playing with me.. I’m not gonna go into details, cause I won’t try to justify my behavior but Being Drunk + Being pissed + Texting this guy = Mess.
We did meet that night, at about 2.20am.. and as soon as I saw him I started yelling at him, making a scene in the middle of the street… I even told him I was mad at myself because I liked him, and that I had deleted him from my contacts on my phone over 4 times so as not to text him (Who was I kidding, right?).
After what I think was 15 minutes of yelling, I went back to where my friend was and came back home.

I cannot begin to explain how regretful I felt the next few days. I disappeared, because I was so ashamed of myself I was not even able to apologize… and if he also didn’t talk to me again, well I would’ve understood cause, really, I acted crazy and with no reason at all.
Kids, I didn’t really think he was the one, but I sure did mess that up.
There are 2 really important things you should learn from this story:

#1. As Ted Mosby’s mom used to say; Nothing good ever happens after 2AM.


#2. If you have mind-blowing sex with someone, and you’re not at all sure if you’ve got feelings for them, and even if you do…. Do not mess it up, you will, believe me, regret it. Big time.

There’s more to this story, it did had an ending, but this was not it…

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