My 7th Spiritual Birthday

Guess what, I’m 7 years young in Christ! Stilk have a lot of things to know and experience about Jesus. So thankful today nd forever that my salvation from hell has been taken cared of on th cross of calvary. But it didn’t end there. God gave me the opportunity to RECEIVE that salvation by receiving Jesus as my Savior and Lord in this day, 7 years ago. It was the most wonderful feeling I ever felt in my life, knowing that I don’t have to pay for my sins anymore in hell because Jesus paid it and suffered it on behalf of me.

I don’t ever want to lose my appreciation for this gift, I don’t ever want to come to a point of taking it for granted. All I really wanted is to share this good news to everyone who thinks they don’t deserve salvation. The truth is, if someone thinks he deserves to be saved, he really don’t deserve it. However, it is always available for him. Jesus did not just die for a few, He died for all. He did not die for the good people, He died for the sinners. Since I am one undeserving wretched human, I know I need a Savior.

So yeah, I actually celebrate my spiritual birthday more than my physical birthday. What is the use of living on this earth physically if my spirit is dead? I might become famous, attain and achieve a lot in life, but if I don’t have Jesus I am nothing. My life will be a waste, worse is I will suffer for eternity in hell.


Religion will never save you from the punishment of your sins, but relationship with Jesus will.


God bless.


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