Week 5 … the Final Frontier

It has been quite a journey through this class. Of all of the classes I have taken, this one has had the most impact and the most material to challenge me as a teacher. Taking advantage of  No Child Left Behind was quite possibly the biggest shocker of the entire class. I had followed the act throughout the years (more secondary than primary) but never quite fully grasped what was so wrong with it. This class was a complete eye opener that No Child Left Behind was not only unfair, but the levels of deceit that schools, teachers, principals and administrations would produce in order to gain much needed dollars for their institutions at the expense of actually teaching children what they may have gotten wrong and the actual difference between right and wrong. High-stakes testing is another thing that opened my eyes. To allow a child to advance or not based on a single test that must have all of the material covered with no extra or outside assistance is too much pressure for a student (it is also unfair if not every student can learn at the same pace and retain the same information).

To me, exploring copyrights and wrongs was the most captivating and yet most frustrating of all the topics in week 5. I was not so confused as I am overwhelmed about the amount of research each piece of material will have to go through in order to be used in the classroom without violating a copyright infringement law. Even images found in search engines cannot be used in the classroom unless it is marked with special permissions to be used. How does one keep their reference materials up to date when school only update their textbooks and resources every so often (because of budget cuts)? It’s going to take a lot more leg work and research… but for the students .. it is worth it!

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