happy tears

my downstairs neighbor just told me we got gay marriage passed for the country! i lived long enough to see it happen! thank the Gods!


well. i’ve been worried all day that my friends weren’t answering email. okay. they’re out celebrating (though someone coulda fuckin pinged me danmit! i was worried, you know how i fret!)


we did it! i say we because i am pansexual and when i heard about the case that went to the supreme court and won, i signed the petitions, i made phone calls because i think it’s right. love is a rare thing and should be cherished wherever it’s found.

congrats everyone!

2 thoughts on “happy tears”

  1. Yay, glad to hear you’re celebrating too! Love is love is love in the end and it’s beautiful that so many people can finally marry the people they want to be with!!

  2. i KNOW! isn’t it MARVELOUS? i’m SO happy that i got to see this come to pass before i die! i really wish i could go out and join in the party! virtual hugs all around! we did good, sis!

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