Late night skate

Got out for skating around 9:10pm that I didn’t plan. Had 2 bottles of beer after work with dinner then felt like wanna skating all the sudden. So I did and it felt great! Spooky foggy Chicago lake trail. Not too hot or cold, trail was wide open, it was just awesome! I will definitely do this more often!

Work was okay! nothing special as usual makes me really wanna work on exciting project!! I want to work on something that can be used by many people in the world. Maybe I should start something like that! Very light work out on lunch break, got the last free maintenance service for my car, quick shopping for underwear and socks, made lots of pork chops for dinner cause it was buy one get one free, and skating.

It’s 11:49PM. I still have a list of things to get done. I will probably go with J for the roommate and some of my personal projects for open source community. and so on…. kind of don’t want to thing about it.

Picture is downtown Chicago from lake trail. Thought it was cool to see the light on the top of John Hancock building but can’t see the building itself. Alright, this is it for tonight! Goodnight everyone!

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