Be blunt with yourself for once
You still believe you’re the centre of this universe,
displaying your negative emotions,
expecting them to feel bad about you or even worse

Be cool; no need to be cruel
You’re going nowhere with your overplayed melodrama
None of us need to be such wasted fools
even when we can post anything on social media

Stay down to earth
Perhaps you’ve just thought too highly of yourself
Truth can sometimes hurt,
but perhaps you do need a slap in the face

The world doesn’t need to know or sympathize with your so-called misery
Enough with your fake self-pity
Dump your overused victim card
Life’s this hard, but so what?

Not everything should be shared
Not everyone will care
Perhaps you’ll be more productive
if you just go out and learn to really live

Find solutions
not justification
There are others worse off than you
This selfishness won’t do you any good
for narcissists like you are just beyond false and rude!


(Jakarta, 24/6/2015 – 9:05 pm)

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