Living Life to the fullest

I will say life isn’t as easy as I thought It would be. I thought I would get married have a house to my own and have a family and get a grown up job. But as life goes on it just doesn’t work out that way. I have gotten married but I live in my parents basement and I want to start a family but we don’t have a house so I have tried to prolong that process. I work a minimum wage job and my husband worlds crazy hours to just let us survive. I thought my life would be off on my own but obviously it isn’t. My siblings all have spouses and have their own houses but I am stuck in a place I don’t want to be. I just want to move on and try to live a life on our own. I just don’t have the money yet. We have been working our butts off but you know that always doesn’t work when you eat out all the time or want to buy a lot of things because we want to buy everything that we think we need when it isn’t what we need it is what we want.  I am trying to get better at this so hopefully by next sopring we will be on our own in a house and trying to work at being the married couple we should really be.

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