So it Begins

Hello, I am a 45 year old married male with two teenage children one boy age 17 and one girl age 15. You may be wondering why I’m writing this journal and telling you all this, well to be quite honest I started a MOOC ( Massive Open Online Course) titled “How to become an effective writer”. One of the assignments is/was to create a journal and write in it every day it didn’t matter which medium we used either pen and paper or some type of electronic/online journal. We all know how that choice turned out.  I am also taking another MOOC class where I am learning how to write Python computer programs.I think this is enough for now. I shall return tomorrow for another installment on my journey.

PS. If you are interested in these or other MOOC’s check out

no I don’t make anything for referring you just sharing a nice resource for learning.

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