Dream Entry – last night and the night before

Last Night

Summer, warm – kickball. Warehouse. Boyfriend. Happy. Love. Playful jokes. Jeremy Allen White.

We were at this warehouse and there was a blurred – non defined lined between inside and outside. The day was beautiful. It was warm and sunny and the light was crisp and clear. It felt like a summer day from childhood. There wasn’t much to worry about and whatever responsibilities demanded of us were filled or unimportant.

This boy came to play with me for a bit. I showed him the warehouse and we joked about things we found. He had to be gone and reluctantly let him go – we shared a kiss under the sun and felt warm and happy.

The world was smiling on us and there was every reason to feel whole.

The Night Before

There was a wedding happening and things needed to be done and arranged. I needed to get to a place that happened to be uphill. There were cows in a pen to the left and then just beyond that there was a smaller pen with a large bull and a smaller one. They were fighting and there were men encouraging them. The larger bull sat on the smaller one and killed him. It made me not want to pass so I turned around.

We were in an ice cream parlor. It was obnoxiously pink and white and it was a birthday celebration. The boys behind the counter were having a hard time filling our order of ice cream and cookies. It was slow progress and one by one our orders were filled. So slowly that the ice cream was melting and by the time we were all seated most of our ice cream had melted. Most of our party was sad, but I loved the melted ice cream and I felt amused by the amount of time it took for our orders to be placed and filled.

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