My success story

 My success story.

I have lost 102lbs through calorie counting and portion control. To give you a little insight to how I got to that place, I would like to share a post my 21year old brother posted In December of 2014.

“Yesterday was filled with overwhelming sadness and grief. It seem like there was nothing to look forward to, no silver-lining at all. But after lots of tears something amazing happened. To put this into perspective I will have to do a little more explaining. six years ago, my brother Stephen was killed in a car accident. It happened on Halloween, which in itself was tough, but on the following day, November 1 my sister Jennifer was scheduled to be married. Because of the accident, Of course the ceremony was canceled. Jennifer had the wedding of her dreams taken from her. The party, the dancing, the dress, and most importantly the memories never happened. Fast forward to yesterday, we just buried our third brother. We were sad, angry, and confused with nothing positive to look forward to and we sat seating food provided by the church, telling stories of a lost brother, and finding comfort in each other, Jennifer got up and left the room. After about 10 minutes the door reopen to a Jaw-dropping site. We were awestruck as my sister(who, I should add, has lost over 70lbs to be able to do this) stood in her wedding dress. She didn’t have the hair, the make up, or even the shoes she would have, But there she stood, in her everyday wear make up, hair in a mess, looking more beautiful than I have ever seen her. This is proof in that even in the hardest of times, there is always something to look forward to. Thank you for not only being my sister, but my best friend also.” 

I battled my first weight problem at 18years old. My brother Matthew, was killed in a car accident October of 2003, I was 17, he was 21. Through my teens I always stayed around 110-120, but battling the grief of loosing Matthew took a toll on my body. My weight reached 180lbs. However I didn’t stay at that weight long. I was able to get my weight under control just before I met the love of my life in 2007. Weighing 150lbs and finally being able to enjoy happiness, we planned a wedding for 11/1/2008. Many in my family(a blended family that started with 10children), believed this wedding was like a statement for us, a statement of coming out of grieving. This was not going to be a normal ordinary wedding. It was very much a “dream” wedding. we had planned a Cinderella wedding. Complete with a carriage, horses, a dance floor over my moms pool, lights, cabana, cigar bar, a sit down formal dinner…The works.
The night before the wedding, On 10/31/2008, my brother Stephen, his girlfriend, Caroline, and friend Will left the wedding rehearsal dinner. As it was close to our parent’s house, and we all began to leave also, we drove up on a wreck. Stephen at 20years old was pronounced dead at the scene, along with Caroline. Will was transported to hospital and survived. It’s one thing to receive a call a family member has been in a wreck and it’s another to drive up only a few minutes following the accident. Not only did we lose Stephen and Caroline, but something else died in our family that night. It’s hard to explain, but those who have experienced a great loss know what I’m talking about. A part of your spirit dies with each person you love dies.
Following that and the birth of my two boys, my weight reached an all time high in 2013. I weighed 240lbs. I was beginning to see what toll my weight was taking on not only my health but my marriage. Something had to change! I made the commitment I would lose my weight, and after I did, I would get back in my wedding dress, and we would renew our vows and have a ceremony that I have always dreamed of.
Starting February of 2014, I began my weight loss journey. Although I had hoped this time would be “the time”, I never imagined I would have the self-control to actually reach my goal weight of 150. I downloaded MyFitnessPal and started tracking. Little by little, week by week, I started to see the pounds drop. I stayed at a consistent 2lbs per week for the majority of the time. Come December, I was at 155, just a few pounds within my goal.
Then tragedy struck again. We lost our 3rd brother on 12/12/2014. Our once family of 10 children now a family of 7 kids. After the funeral, I sat there in my mother’s house, and wondered if my family would make it through this death. When a glass breaks, you can glue the pieces back together, but it won’t be as strong as it was before. If it breaks a second time, you might get lucky and be able to glue the pieces back together but chances are there will be some pretty big chips in the structure though, and it may not be able to hold liquid, the very thing glass was created for. A third break would surely render the glass unfixable, leaving the chips too small to put back together. Never again will the glass be strong enough to support liquid. How will we be able to put the pieces back together in our family?
I decided I needed motivation to stay on track, and my family needed something to smile about.
I didn’t know if my wedding dress would fit, but I knew it still hung up, in its bag, in the guest bedroom of my mothers house. Other than pictures of my bridal portraits, most had not seen the dress in person.


I went downstairs to where everybody was, and quietly walked in wearing my dress. Which lead to the story I started with. The post by our youngest brother, Christopher.
Loosing 100lbs+ was hard. Talking about successful weight loss, somebody once said to me “it just has to click one day, when will it click for you”. It finally had clicked for me. I would love to say I eat all vegetables and never have the craving or eat bad foods, but that just isn’t true. For me it’s about portion control. If I want something higher in calorie, for example chicken fettuccine Alfredo, I eat it. But I plan for it. Through out the day I will eat fruits and vegetables so I can enjoy the pasta for dinner, and I serve myself 1/2 the serving I normally would. I give in to all my cravings, but now I just make them a part of a plan for the day/week. With children, it is hard to eat healthy. I didn’t want to make two meals for dinner, so I came up with just little adjustments for meal time. Instead of frying chicken, I baked it. When we had hamburger night instead of me having beef, like them, I enjoyed venison or turkey burger on thin wheat bun. If they were eating subs, I had a wrap. Every meal has a vegetable and typically a “kid friendly carb”. I would double my portion of vegetables, and give myself only a sampling taste of the other. If at night for some reason I go over my allowed calories, I do more exercises to burn those calories. I have been seen doing arm circles at 9pm while my husband and I watch tv, because I wanted to enjoy a glass of wine.

I am proud to say on today, 6/18/2015 I weigh 138lbs. I am a strong woman, sister, wife, daughter and mother that set my mind to a goal and didn’t let anything get in my way. After my weight loss, I had extra skin and really struggled with my self image. I decided to have a mommy make over done. In which I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and implant. I am now 15days after my surgery, and I can honestly say for the first time, I am happy with the results and my body.

I cannot describe how happy it makes me to say Jamie and I have plans to renew our wedding vows on Septemever 5th, 2015! My husband and I will finally get the chance celebrate our love with family and friends.


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