so damn tired

been  up since 430 3 seizures, puking and shitting myself inside out.exhausted. wobbly.i feel like a tube of toothpaste that someone stomped on the middle of. yeah fuck you grammar nazis.

on the other hand i got the body farm paperwork done. got the other 2 witnessed forms to chris and scott. so THAT’s covered. got to page 210 in renegades inc. that’s 50 pages in a week. nice. but i could do better. deadlines. deadlines. if my stomach settles i’ll make ‘coma toast’ here shortly (damn near the only thing i’ve been able to eat for weeks. soft boiled egg mashed up with a cut up slice of buttered toast.) anything more than that or ramen or broth and saltines comes right back up. low impact food that stays around long enough to make me terrified of the  toilet. oh joy. can’t eat. can’t sleep.

well. tomorrow i get paid. drug holiday on the horizon and i need it desoerately.

almost as much as i need to learn how to spell.

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