I am the mystery,
‘though you think you can tell something about me
Well, what do you know?
How far can your knowledge go?

I am the oddity
Why can’t I be like everybody?
You wonder with such a question,
while forming an opinion

Who am I?
Oh, do you really want to know about me that much?
I can tell by that look in your eyes,
although you don’t say or do a lot

You look at me as if I am the creature of hell
You think you know me that well
Perhaps you’re right,
but I’m not wasting my energy on this useless fight

Soon I’m out of your sight
Be happy with all your might
No hard feelings; I’m simply numb
Sometimes it’s easier to just play dumb

Our short encounter has been a living nightmare
but now I’m learning not to care
We’ll just go our own separate ways
I’ll start somewhere; there’s still another day

I’ll remain a mystery
despite your opinion about me
Keep it
That’s just as good as you’ll ever get!


(Jakarta, 28/6/2015 – 11:35 pm)

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