Chapter 3: Confessing a Crime Scene

Chapter 3: Confessing a Crime Scene

I am guilty.  I committed something that most men would deny until death, but I couldn’t resist.  She is so beautiful, amazing to see and I had to take advantage of the opportunities.

There was a lot of blood. The blood covered bed sheets told the story, I wasn’t going to get away with an explanation.  I waited a long time for this moment, from the moment we jumped in the truck during Operation Pink Watermelon. It was a dream to me, I couldn’t believe we were together.

It was about a 3 hour ride from the field to our home station. I was definitely excited to get our plan in motion. I went to the ATM & withdrew some cash for the hotel.  I took a taxi and waited.

After a shower, a few shots of Fireball she finally tells me she’s on her way. Everything is going as planned, never thought it would happen. “Where is the remote control for the AC?” I said. “Look at the tv remote control, push the red button in the bottom”, she knew all the little tricks…’she’s been here before, with who? …and what were they doing?’ I’m thinking, Hhhmmmm. Nevertheless; I didn’t care, but curiosity killed the cat right? What an irony, my mind is dying from curiosity and the circumstances of the night to come.

More blood, but we didn’t care. It was extacy that we care most about. She got on top and rode me like a bull…I almost came inside of her, I really wanted to erupt inside of her…just fill her up with my warmth. Her body is amazing.

We had awesome sex and couldnt wait for the next time, regardless of where we end up in our military career we will always make an effort. All the bees want to taste that flower. I consider myself a lucky one…it was an unforgettable sting.



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