I have been struggling the past couple days…I don’t know why just feeling kind of down.

Everything seems to just be agitating me and rubbing me the wrong way.

I realized on the way to work this morning that I know part of it is that Sir will be gone for a few days…I felt this way last time he was out of town too but didn’t attribute it to him being gone.  Then when I started feeling this way again, I realized, Wow…it has something to do with Sir leaving…  I’ve never really had that reaction before about someone and that really scares me.

I feel slighted this morning.  Last night Sir and I were going to play, have a nice beat down scene and after I received a pretty rough face fucking, Sir fell asleep and I worked on my resume.  After we had talked about it, I had really been looking forward to last night.  I was quite disappointed when Sir fell asleep.


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