The Introduction

I guess I’ll start with an introduction. I am 26 years old and I’m battling an eating disorder. If you’re reading this, I doubt it’s because you’re interested in finding out the trivial facts about me, like my favorite color or lucky number (Green and 8, respectively). No, it’s more likely that you’re interested in how I got here. How did my mind become so convoluted that it turned against its own body? How could my survival instincts have shut off to the point where I allowed starvation to set in? Welcomed it, even. And the most important question that no one can seem to answer – why can’t I go back?

You can read all about it. My day to day struggles and triumphs. And you can empathize all you want. But don’t try too hard to understand. It isn’t a logical disease. When the thoughts start to make sense, you’re already in too deep.

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