the love that i have for the KARDASHIAN’S

I am in love with E channel, and out of the programs they broadcast on that channel, I fell in love with a show called KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIAN. I was amazed by the way this interesting family members speak, laugh, walk,  how beautiful they are, but the most amazing part of it is the way they love each and how successfully free they are.

I mean looking at the way they dress, oh my goodness! I love I, badly. The master of fashion Mrs Kim Kardashian west, she have that beautiful soul and face, with a beautiful shaped body, regardless if she is pregnant, the confident she carries around damn adorable, the world have decided to through in whatever negative thoughts in her life, but she never looks down, instead she holds her head up and continue doing what excite her, and I always say remain bless my gal, keep Mr Kanye West and baby North strong, you are good people.

One of the bravest ladies I have come across is Khloe, she taught me how to keep strong and how to love and be free with everyone, she never picks friends, everyone is welcome to be a friend and that’s how things are supposed to be……your sense of fashion is adorable….forgive my English, its surely my second language. love you to bits man.

You can say she’s stubborn, but she will tell you what you are suppose to here, regardless of how bad or good it can be……and I love KOURTNEY for that…a family women, beautiful, with a husband that makes me laugh and three beautiful kids, YOU GUYS ARE BLESSED. you are truly a woman.

Owning houses and cars at that age? I mean being independent at that age, is something I ever dreamt of. Kylie and Kendal Jenner you are my stars… you guys, say hi Caitlyn.

Rob, all I want for you is to be who you are, no matter what you are going through, God will help you overcome everything you are going through. your beautiful soul should keep leading you.

KRIS Jenner, you are brilliant. with every aspect you ‘ve gone through, you are one hell of a woman…it take a lot for a mother of six to be fit and beautiful like you…..keep up the good work you are doing.  You raised your kids well, you know how to enjoy life, you refuse to get old and I will want to be like you when I reach your age. May God Bless you.




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