Your Son

Your son was 6 months old on Tuesday. I feel so bad that you don’t know that your son have the most blue eyes you will ever see. That his smile can light up and entire room and make anybody near him fall in love on site. I feel bad that you missed the first smile, the first laugh, the first time he rolled over on to his back and the first time he rolled to his front. You missed all his first foods. Your missing him learning to sit and walk and crawl, because your little man is trying all three at once. You never get to his face light up and him get excited and squeal when you walk into the room. You miss his bedtime and nap time snuggles.

Please don’t feel sorry for him though, he has more love then he knows what to do with. His mother and grandmother and grandfather spoil him. His nieces think he is the coolest thing ever. My friends are so in love with him that want constant updates and pictures. I can’t walk ten feet in public without a stranger stopping me and telling me what an amazing and happy baby I have. Thanks to you being gone I get all your hugs, all your snuggles, and all your smiles.

I have had multiple men tell me they would make a great father for my son and help take care of us. My response is telling them I do make a great father.

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  1. Hi i’m new here just dropping by and wanted to say Kudos to you you sound like a very strong independent women going to school and working and raising your son, being a single mom is tiring but rewarding.. Keep on keeping on..

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