Not only my best friends, a lot of people I know have said this same old thing – over and over again:

“God works in mysterious ways.”

Indeed. I’ve always believed that and experienced it many times. I’m thankful for them.

Still, I tend to forget, just like anyone who believes in God.

Isn’t this world a beautiful place? It’s so beautiful that we often forget that it’s temporary. This life is so short. Nothing lasts forever here.

In fact, forever only belongs to God…

There are always so many things to do and people to take care of. We only mean well, yet we don’t always prioritise well.

There are many ways God reminds us of His Existence, His Entire Role in our lives. One of the things He does whenever we get too busy chasing fortunes on earth is to snap us back to reality – that not everything goes our way, unless He says so. We often get too caught up in life that we forget to thank Him for all His Blessings. We forget to ask for His help first. We forget to pray to Him.

Or worse, we simply forget…Him. It’s either forgetfulness, our lack of time management, arrogance or ignorance. It could be anything. It could happen to you and me, even if you happen / claim to be the most devout. Nobody escapes flaws.

Some may find trials annoying. It’s moments when even your most carefully-made plans fail. It’s when you don’t always get what you want. It’s when you make mistakes, slip and fall, and your heart just breaks.

Feeling angry? Of course. Sad? What else is new? That’s perfectly normal.

Things happen for a reason. They say some do because they’re not meant for you and God’s providing something much better ahead. Just wait and see.

However, that could also mean that He wants you to take some time to communicate with Him – is that too much to ask? He never needs you. You’re the one who will always need Him. Show Him some decent gratitude, will you?

Forget Him not. Be grateful if He still wants you to, for not every soul is that lucky. He may be The Most Forgiving and Merciful, but time is what we often – and even always – take for granted, especially when asking for His Forgiveness and Mercy. Time has its limits, but only God knows when.

And chances don’t always come again…


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