My situation part 1: The pregnancy

At 24 years old the summer before I started Nursing School I found out I was pregnant. Pregnant by the man who I had broken up with 2 weeks earlier for threatening to kill me. I did tell him I was pregnant and he told me he wanted to be involved. I tried for awhile but he wasn’t dependable and he gave me more stress then I needed. So I told him that I wanted to not be dating him but he could be involved in the doctors appointments and the baby’s life. However this isn’t what he wanted he started fighting me and telling me if we weren’t going to be a couple and get married it wasn’t what he wanted. I still told him it wasn’t going to happen. So then he told me if he couldn’t have what he wanted then I couldn’t have what I wanted and I had to be an abortion. He would call me yelling and show up at my house threatening to get a lawyer and take the baby from me. I told him if he contacted me again that I would call the police. He then left me alone until I contacted him saying I had the gender ultrasound and that I wanted to give he baby up for adoption. He didn’t not want to give the baby up. He showed up 45 minutes late to the ultrasound stayed 10 minutes and left after finding out it was a boy. He really wanted a girl. After that he willingly disappeared from my life.

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