Catching up !

Well i havent wrote in a while so here’s  to catching up the last couple days or even weeks. Its crazy how time is flying by eletric forest is done and over with and school  starts back up next month for Chloe. Everything has been going amazing i have to say. I dont have any complaints  which im pretty  good at btw lol! No but really after “letting go” of all my stress at eletric forest after experiencing so much with aaron and friends it was just amazing as always. Our relationship  i feel has grown so much the last months which is amazing. Theres so much i feel like myself i have conquered. Just seeing and feeling  the beauty in everything around me. My stress levels were so high with work, kids etc. I feel  like everything  and everyone  in my life is just amazing theres no reason to be constantly stressed out, you waste your life away. Im thankful for everything  i have in my life and its just an amazing adventure. Theres so much more i need to do in my life, but its just  the timing. I cannot wait till i can actually start my new journeys in my life, and although i know its not going to be easy but it will be worth it! Sometimes i get scared but i know thats just  part of this journey. My love  has grown so much and for that im also thankful for. I never thought i could really just forget about the hurt iv been through but i have. Iv dropped it and left it there where it stayed. And iv picked up pieces  that i thought were  to small to even hold or put back together. My love for my child  and aaron are infinite, and if for some reason all my plans for the future didnt work. I cannot blame anyone but only be happy that i got to experience  so much with one person. Heres to a wonderful new day! Making memories, cherishing them, and loving with everything i have in me 💖


This is a quote i found today that i really love.


We have been conditioned  to believe that who  we are is ordinary- that who we are is what we have, what we do, what people think of us, what we own, and none of this is who we really are, who we are is infinite  light, divine creation, and that creation is within all of us.

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