Dream follow up

I went into work last night. It was the first time I’d ever seen it so quiet. I could tell something was different from across the street. There seemed to be a lot of people missing, both from the staff and on the floor. It ended up that there were some new faces as well. Steven was gone – there had been some sort of disagreement that couldn’t be worked out or something. I note that my dream from the night before was me and Steven working at the bar. I’m not sure when the disagreement happened, but I am sure it happened well before my dream. If I did pick up on a change that had occurred, I think it was only brought to my knowledge when it was going to impact me.

I woke up and the dream was so loud, for lack of a better word. Maybe clear is the right word. It was one I remembered well and it seemed to stick with me. The dream and the reality coincided well – it feels like I got a heads up that my friend was going to be away from where I was expecting him. Cool. And Thank You.

Is there anything else from my dream that has happened, is happening, or will happen and I don’t know about it yet?

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