Driving Jitters

Hello, I’m Destiny. Nice to meet you. Now, let’s cut the small talk and get right to the chase. I’m seriously not a small talker. It’s boring because it’s the same all the time so it’s really not how I like to get to know each other. We need to venture further out from the businessy talk and get creative. Just be ourselves.

Currently, as of tomorrow, driving class starts for me and I am sort of scared. I’m just going to pray that this month goes by well and I get my license. I have a friend’s support and my family’s support but as long as God is here for me, I am sure things will go as planned. It sucks that nor my family or my friend is allowed to ride in the car with me. I found out yesterday that only the next person who’s up to drive is allowed to sit in the back.

Well, wish me luck. ‘Til next time… if I’m alive.

[Have you ever freaked about driving school? What did you do to calm your nerves? Tell me all
about it in the comments!]

P.S. I even considered Feng Shui and told everyone about my plans to use it in the car on a Facebook post! I would have link it but my Nook doesn’t let me do so.

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