i feel a rant coming on

but i don’t have time to do it right now. today’s supposedly grocery day. i don’t see Chris and Branden’s car anywhere, but they might have had to park around the corner or in the back or something. i’ll call around noonish if i haven’t heard from them by then.

i didn’t touch the bottle of Evan Williams small batch last night. i make it a policy of not drinking on holidays. that way if something fucked up happens, there’s someone sober on hand to cope with it.

HOWEVER, if/when i get to the grocery today, i’m planning on getting crab legs, something gooey and overly chocolaty some REALLY good ice cream, brie, my fave biscuits(as in cookies…. what are they? i call them ‘dutch boys’ but i’ve heard them called chess squares. dark choc of COURSE, whole milk, brie, summer sausage, some REAL good fruit (i really hope cherries are still in season that’d make me happy but i wouldn’t mind some plums too) rosemary biscuits for the brie and sausage and salmon cream cheese bagels chips beef jerky and soda. yeah i think that’ll cover it nicely.

but this afternoon i’m having the crablegs (ooh need french bread too can’t forget that!) and tonight, i’ll get into the evan williams.

if the site is to be believed, i get the herbals tomorrow (had to buy from a new place. the old place stopped accepting mastercard. well fuck you too platinum potpourri!) but i’m not getting blasted tonight, just floaty. it’s more about tapering down to 1 perc for the drug holiday.

okay. i have a shitload to get done today and i’m hella wobbly today. was up at 540 being sick, laid down for about 20 minutes then had to bolt back to the loo with the whuups bucket for an all exits morning. i’v also had 4 seizures already. i’m so over this. so fucking tired.

alright enough maudlin. i have shit to do. the upcoming rant is about bullshitters, peacenik wanna be pagans and dumbfucks who say things like ‘the gay agenda’




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