July 5 2015

I fixed my wheelchair this morning.  Legs were too stiff and we didn’t get to bed until real late. Vinny came out of his bedroom and snuggled in with liz and I.  I was a bit too crowded so I slept on the couch.  After fixing the wheelchair I took the hand rests off to make it more comfortable. Today the Tigers play.  Miggy out for 3 month with a pulled calf muscle.  Aliva is back and playing 1st base and the Tigers moved a lot of people around.  Later today is the world championship soccer between Japan and the USA.  A full day of sports .I have made the wheel chair more comfortable as it seems I might be in it longer.  In August I go to the brain clinic in GrandRapids to see what type of stroke I had late November.  Donald is not talking to me anymore because I don’t believe in his new found religion (prespaterian). I hope he can learn that the bible does not need to be changed to fit his denomination.  He also must realize that history can’t be changed to suite your beliefs or what you wish had happened.  History can be good or bad, but it is still history.  It is very plainly said in the bible that homosexuality is a sin.  Other then the obvious texes  there is the story of Sodom and Gamora.  They weren’t just playing beer pong.  And when two men of Sodom came to have sex with the male angel visitor. To me that seemed very straight forward from God.  You don’t have to hate the sinner, just hate the sin.  Remember also that Lot could not find one righteous man to save the cities.  God destroyed the cities because of their many sin which include homosexuality.  Many want to be a loving Christian, but not at the expense of Gods word.  I understand that Donald is still  learning and will continue to learn on his way to get an MD.  If he or Akiko think that I have gone crazy and full of hate, that will be something they will have to work thru themselves and God.  I love him and pray that God will show him the light.  This is not to say that I am perfect, I’m just not going to be the one who rewrites the bible.

There are many sins, homosexuality is only one.  Mom just went down for her nap because she is so upset with Donald Jr.  Maybe he will be the one who changes the evil ways of that denomination.  With that now said, I will move on to other things.

The weather is beautiful, mid 80’s.  I have been trying to set up this journal and I think I might have it right.  If I don’t I will mostlikely pisss off more people.  Liz and I are still looking for a church for us to call home.  There are many good ones out there.

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