Another day and oh what a day its been.

Nothing out of the ordinary  happened but my mindset has just been amazing, positive and full of just happy! Iv really been changing my views on a lot of things.  For example the other day i was talking to one of my bestfriends about what if your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife , find someone better or what they think is better then u or younger or prettier. Her response ( i always love her responses  she is by far one of my best/favorite friends especially  when it comes to advice). She says there will always be someone younger then you but prettier probably not. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. This response just amazed me how different  i have been seeing everything all along. Not saying aaron would ever leave me for anyone else because i really hope he wouldnt! But the truth is thats life it happens everyday unfortuantly to probably some great people that dont deserve  to ache and hurt. So when i got this response i start thinking you know shes so right..  and so many people live their lives scared that the other person will leave them. Well let me tell you something, if u were like me how i use to think i was scared i was once heartbroken, scared at one point i just didnt even care. But if you are TRUELY in love i mean you love your bf/gf/hubby/wife whatever it is you will not have to worry. Everyday should be a celebration always remind yourself how you’ve accomplished something that some people dont get to in their lifetimes. Some peoples lives are cut short they die at a young age or some people grow old and never find love. AND YOU DID celebrate that! That is something wonderful to trust someone,  to let someone see inside your soul its scary oh it is, but whats even scarier  is being AFRAID to let anyone in. Yes its possible that that person wont love u back or wont feel  the way you feel… but u have to try. So  many people say you fall in love with many people in your lifetime,  well thats always what i heard after me and aaron broke up… maybe people were just saying  that to make me feel better. But honestly i dont think thats true at all. I think u have 1 true love 1 soul mate 1 other half… one person  that no matter how much of a shithead they can be you will always love no matter what.  The person your probably thinking about right now reading this, thats probably your one ((just saying)). My relationship with aaron since i met him 2 years ago has been a crazy  rollar coaster i mean theres been times iv hurt,iv cried, iv probably overreacted about a lot (due to alochol intake im sure) but theres been times where i woulnt want ANYONE else by my side. No not even brad pitt aaron is truely my other half i mean im more in love with him then iv EVER been, and honestly i never even thought loving him more was possible! 


So ending on that note it makes me think of how people cheat on people they love. Dont get me wrong iv made mistakes in my life and i do not claim to be perfect  ever but i strive to be better  always. If you love someone and you found the person you just adore and love to be around 1st off why put yourself in a situation that is going to hurt  that person? Even if you are “fighting” and she/he did this and you need to go out  and drink or you need someone to talk to. First off, stop stop making excuses or reasons behind why your about to hurt the person  u love. Is going out drinking trying to forget a good idea? Probably not because a. Ur gonna get shitfaced and more then likely make some stupid decisions. Now no not every1 will some  people  do know how to control themselves but your Already mad so why even do anything dumb. Another thing that came to mind i always think of guys when i think of this… but guys see a “young hot chick” and its like oh ya lets talk to her… first off “too young” is gross and she more then likely is some party girl that is just gonna sleep with u and probably cheat on u or u guys arent gonna end up happy. So once again why do people hurt the people  they love for someone that more then likely is gonna hurt u karmas a bitch. ((Jsing)) 

Honestly im in love and i cherish that love and id never do anything to mess that up. It only comes around once in a lifetime  people  open your eyes.. u dont have to “mess up your fun” because your in love but let that person be part of your fun!

Being in love is a beautiful thing dont ever take it for granted. Cherish your moments 💖💑💏👫

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