I’m Sorry

Donald, my son and I have been feuding since the gay right marriage thing was passed.  Although I don”t agree with it and so believe it violates the law  of God and his word in the bible. As a father I was concerned that in your education pursuits  you might have lost your way. It was wrong of me to lecture openly like a father would to a 13 year old child. What you believe is between you and God and in those hands I will leave it.  To clears the air a bit, 1) I do not agree with homosexuality, but I do not hate them and do believe they have the civil rights granted to all American citizens.  I would defend their civil rights to the end. I do not believe with their Biblical rights, but that is my problem and not anyone else .2) I don’t believe that gay rights are anything close to civil rights.  If I led you to believe I would spew hatred and evil thoughts and words over this, please believe it was not my intention. I love your wife and children and feel that all are equal in the eyes of God. I have no more or less when it come to my civil right vs those of different color and language.  If I led you to believe that I am racist in any way, I am not, and am truly sorry  that you came to that conclusion. I do believe that we all are racist to some point because we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I love you very much and I am proud of how much you have accomplished.  As for history, it is what it is.  To try to change history causes more problems then history has already produced.  I am proud of my father  and do believe that WWII was a war to save the world.  That was history and I was not even alive during that time. I do not hate the Japanese and German people because of that.  I can see where this would be complicated for you to see, and again I apologize if you felt I was degrading any one or any race. I believe History should be left in the past and only used as a tool to make a better people of us all.  I did feel it was a disgrace to mock the war, the battle of Io jima with a gay pride flag replacing the American flag. That I felt was an insult to my father and many others who served in this war.

America I believe is wrong in it’s battles of late.  The soldier were doing what they were ordered and the fault lies with politician, big business, pride greed and arrogance and money I believe is what these wars  are about.  This might be a better discussion for later.  I also believe that tearing the bible apart is wrong, but then again I should keep my mouth shut on this.  It is wrong for me to judge.

As for your friends, gay or straight I give my apology.  The phrase “tough titties” is an old saying that meant  that I don’t care.  I do care, but I didn’t have my patience with Steve at that time and for that I was wrong.

If you wish to cut me out of you a your family life, I understand your feelings. I also should learn never to argue politic or religion.  No one wins.

I will not blame my actions on my stroke or health and money problems. Those problems I bring to God in prayer.  There is so much more for me to apologize about, but that letter would be longer then “War and Peace”.  The reason I also put these thoughts of mine inn written form is that I have difficulty putting my oratory and listening abilities together.  That is also the reason I do not like to talk on the phone.  It is much harder to do everything lately.

I was wrong to publically  comment on these things and for that I am sorry. My opinion is not worth much.  This will be publically placed on my blog on Good Night Journal under the heading of “the lost tribe of westwood”.  I will also place this on facebook for all to see and to make sure all wound are healed.  I love you very much and your family, and I was wrong to corner you with my beliefs.

Donald M. VanAntwerpen

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