I felt the ghost of him this morning,

as I responded angrily to some nasty comments

Bullies are everywhere

They’re always there


I’m sure you’ve sensed the ghost of him too

all from the words I used

I am your most distinctive reminder

of someone you’ll miss forever


“Why did you have to be so angry?”

I’m sure that’s what she’d wanted to say

“You sound so much like him,

always have to have the last words with everybody.”


“But Mummy, I’m not afraid,”

I calmly said.

“Because I know damn well that I’m right,

so that’s why I’m willing to fight.

It shouldn’t matter that I’m just a girl.

I’m not supposed to be easily intimidated, remember?”


I guess I’ll always be this way

I know I shouldn’t let any sexist pigs ruin my day

Just another pathetic man with a big, fat mouth

voicing out his opinions too loud

about how all boys should be tough

unlike weakling girls, cry-babies dying for love



I suppose he refuses to look in the mirror

about his real life full of pity

and how he always seeks for mercy

from the women of his life more powerful than he

a superhero ‘wannabe’


Thanks, Dad

You’d taught me a lot about self-respect

and I won’t let any of them bully me to make up for what they lack



(Jakarta, 2/7/2015 – 11:35 am)

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