First entry, care to follow?

This is my first entry, if any of you care to follow. I would like that, so long as you have an open mind.

Today is a rainy day, I’m up in my chambers at my bureau, a fine piece that I am borrowing as I live here. Burning incense while listening to a clock ticking that is not keeping good time. I love days when I feel the rooms like this, they feel quiet and restful but full of witchy energy. Tomorrow is my first day at the salon and I am trying to keep my anxiety down; I feel like I will not have an easy time and not knowing exactly how long I will be there is disconcerting to me. I don’t like not knowing what is to come for me but I suspect this would be the only day that I would not know. Still, it is unnerving. This salon is not as up-to-date as I would like and atmosphere is very important to me. This salon is to be a stepping stone as I am only planning on being there for a year before moving on to a better workplace. My anxiety stems from being judged on my appearance all my life as I have a very interesting sense of style what with being a witch, and I like to show it. It makes me feel good about myself. But for the pansies out in the world who just can’t handle it, I must omit certain things from my attire so as not to give myself away. For sure, I think I would be discriminated against. In my anxiety will I remember all that she tells me? Will I keep notes fast enough? Is she impatient with her trainings? Will I be sat at a computer all day watching videos? Will I end up with the station that has the jacked up plastic on the chair? I pray for a remodel. Ugh.

Being my age and living back at home with my family is both good and bad. I must say in this area for financial reasons and for business opportunities but it is my goal to become independent, finally. To have a familiar again, to be able to afford the lifestyle that I want.

I will mention briefly that I have a significant other. He lives about an hour away and our “relationship” is failing. But I am happy to move away from his house as it is a MESS. I cannot keep up after him, nor should I have to the way that I have been. I could rant on and on about how much of a slob he’s become over the years but I will save that for another entry. I really just wanted to vent out about starting at the salon tomorrow morning. I have much computer work to finish and I am reluctant to take that on. So tedious and time consuming.

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