Highly Frustated

Okay, so like I am visiting my grandparents and I have to take care of my brother and two younger sisters. My brother (Daniel) is 15 and he really is not a problem-unless he starts play fighting because he hits hard. My two sisters (Hailey) is 13 and she is not that bad because she always listens to me when I’m in charge and lastly the youngest (Denise) is 11 and is the worst. Denise is a real pain in my butt. Oh, and I’m 17 years old; since I didn’t mention that before. Anyway, Denise likes to fight and argue a lot and she doesn’t listen to me. My grandparents were sleeping and I told her that she had to read and do a summary (her everyday summer hw) also that she has to eat lunch. At that it was around 3:20 and she started getting mad because she didn’t want to read and eat she said, “I’m not hungry”. I knew she didn’t really mean it because all she wanted to do was go outside and play with her friends, but I’m all like she has to eat because she can’t be skipping meals that’s not healthy. I told her she had no choice but to eat and it wasn’t even a lot. So then she started throwing a tantrum where she was about to start yelling and crying and by this time she stomps her feet when she is sitting or walking. The house is quite small and with wood floor it is very loud and she almost woke my grandparents up. I don’t like to get my grandparents mad because I grandma is in a wheelchair in the first place and second because she starts yelling in Spanish and my grandpa doesn’t like to her anyone yelling or crying. The point is that my grandparents are quite old and they soon won’t be able to handle these situations and I told her to stop. The I just don’t know how to handle her. Does anyone have tips or advice for me??

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  1. I think when she’s having tantrums you just let her do her thing. then when she’s done that’s the perfect time to talk to her. let her see what’s going on around now after she had that tantrums… etc. make her realize that whatever she’s doing is not good…

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