I live in a city of small worlds,
each with its own wonders
Some feel worse,
some may feel better

I’ve lived in this city of small worlds
ever since I was born
aware of its ever-changing description
even since I was a little girl

This city of small worlds,
I can see its growing partitions
invisible, yet segregation slowly occurs
leaving each world blinded towards one another by such self-exclusions

I am caught in the middle
in this city of small worlds
My self-confidence and assurance are sometimes brittle
as I silently wonder what’s my worth

Where do I belong to?
How can I stay true?
Each seems to demand my attention,
as I keep battling my own confusion

These small worlds still often collide
despite the growing partitions
I hate it when this causes a fight
and it’s just hard for everyone to get along

Can we all get over the bumps,
so no one needs to use any guns?
If this city belongs to all of us,
then why make such a fuss?

I fear that these silent, desperate questions remain unanswered
I suppose this will always be the city of small worlds, each fighting for their worth
while more souls are getting lost…


(Jakarta, 6/7/2015 – 7:24 pm)

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