Oh boy did I have fun camping on my birthday. We went to shadow mountain which isn’t too far from the park. I left with liz and a couple other people I had just met. My roommie anna came later after she got off work. I watched a few people trip on acid which was hilarious but we took care of them when hiking up/down from the view point to watch the fireworks.

I was worried about spending my birthday alone and started to go into a dark place. I’m glad that I had no cause to be concerned. Even though I wasn’t with Ben; I was having fun with the people I was with.

Speaking of Ben.. I am so glad I learned from Nick. Once I start to get used to having him around he disappears. We got into it before my birthday and didn’t talk for over a week. Which has been good for me because I didn’t realize how much space I needed from him just so I could make a decision if I liked him enough to keep putting up with him and I’ve decided that I don’t. I care about him and maybe even love him a little but I want to limit how much I see him because he only cares for himself. He has no regard for those that he hurts. I haven’t even told him something I’ve been worried about this past couple weeks. I doubt I even will tell him until much later if it turns out to be true.  Even then I doubt I’ll tell him. Oh well. As Sassy says no point in worrying about it now.

Anyways. I got a promotion! Now I’m supposed to be “responsible”. I feel like all this responsibility that I didn’t want keeps piling up on me. Yuk. Maybe its supposed to make me grounded. Meh. More pay and it looks great on my resume. Anyways lunch is about over. I’ll try to write later.

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