Koisuru Boukun Review

I don’t know why I am writing a review for this but it has been on my mind a lot lately and I feel that I need do something. Here I go:

Koisuru Boukun or otherwise known as Tyrant falls in Love is a yaoi. Now I am not a huge fan of yaoi (aside from some slash pairings I like), so I have no idea why I decided to read this (probably because one of the characters looked like Soubi’s and Shuu’s love child) . The story is about a homophobic, tsundere, ass-hat named Souichi. He works in some university as some sort of biologist. Now the lab assistant he works with, Morinaga has had crush on for 5 years. One day Morinaga is at some gay bar and he is talking about how much he loves Souichi (and crying about how senpai hasn’t noticed him ). So his friend is getting annoyed with this and hands him some sort of drink with what I can only assume is some sort of date rape drug in it. Morinaga dosen’t want to take it but his friend gives it to him anyway and Morinaga dosen’t want to use it so he hides it in cupboard. Anyway,skipping a bunch of stuff Souichi and him are getting wasted at his house and they eventually run out of beer and Morinaga goes out to buy some more. But since Souichi is really impatient, he starts looking around Morinaga’s house for something to drink. So he finds the date rape drink that Morigana had hid. He drinks it and when Morinaga finds out and also finds out that he has an erection. So, under the guise helping Souichi relieve his erection he rapes him. WTF. Now I know in yaoi this kind of cliche is really, unnervingly, common and I really hate it. But anyway I kept reading.

The story continues about how Souchi won’t notice Morinaga and admit his feelings blah blah blah. You get the idea. I’ll be honest here and say that it does get better after the rape scene but I feel that if they hadn’t included and abused this cliche so much in the manga thee story would have been much better. It also ruined any chance of the reader feeling any sympathy for Morinaga, which I think if the author had not made him such a rapist in the beginning of the manga it would have made the story better.

Another thing I didn’t like about the manga is that there were some events in it that happened for no reason and were used to get the two main characters together.


However, what  I did like about this manga is that the characters actually had distinct personalities, they had good  and bad things about them. I also, liked how even the background characters stood out and actually had personalities and not everyone was magically gay. I also liked how the author avoided the annoying yaoi cliches of seme (some over masculine guy with hands that are too big for him) and uke (a woman with a penis) and the characters both looked like men. Souichi also brought a fresh feel to the manga as he could actually stand up for himself (although Morinaga wasn’t a doormat himself) and he was actually likable tsundere ( though unfortunately unbelievably unaware of himself).

Overall this manga had potential. If I had to rate this manga out of 10 starts I would rate at about 5/10 stars as it was significantly better than a lot of yaoi I’ve had the misfortune of coming across. However, I wish it didn’t fall back on some really uncomfortable yaoi cliches and the plot had been a little deeper (not mind boggingly deep but still) and better written.


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