Stalker Role Play

So I almost tried it…. I almost tried to live out my fantasy of having a stalker. I joined this app where you make anonymous posts and I posted that I wanted a stalker. I got a number of responses but this one guy intrigued me and some how convinced me that I should play out this fantasy. Since part of the fantasy is that I have no idea who the stalker is, it fit perfectly since I had no clue who this guy was  just that he gave me a good vibe. So I gave him a small hint to get started and try to find me. Well he figured out everything. I went along with It for two days. He would tell me all the nasty things he would do to me and I would sneak off to the bathroom at work and make myself cum, It was a rush for a while until he got to the point where he knew my apt number. I had to call it off because I realized how crazy it was to invite a complete stranger over to my apt to come fuck me basically like it was some game. He was a good guy so he stopped when I asked him and sent me a pic so I knew who he was.


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