The Night i woke up around three

on the night of 8th July 2015, went to party, stayed the up until ten at night…..but the time on my phone was telling me something else, apparently  it was mid night, o well I corrected my time and went to bed…woke up around 3am because I felt funny, don’t know in what manner.. Than it was time to wake up and go to work, it was 6.50 in the morning and went at my friends flat to let her know that we where getting late, she did not respond, I tried calling her and she didn’t pick up….started panicking went back in my flat and checked ma time, we where 5 minutes late, I decided to go and wake my friend again, but before I could knock at her door, I looked around and realised that everyone was indoors, I panicked, I stared in the sky and it was cloudy, I told myself that it’s about to rain , and than I thought oh my good God, am I the only one alive? is’t the end of the world? or am I going crazy? why is everyone not up and it’s 8 am? I decided to call my cousin, to find out what time it is, she said why are you calling me at 6 am in the morning? I was like, no! you are late too, no sweetie something is wrong with your time, go back to sleep it’s still early… I was like ow’ sh*t ……

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