What do you want?
There’s no rewind
That button doesn’t exist in this life
No repeat for what’s already been done

Time to move on
No point in dwelling on what’s long gone
Some can still be rebuilt
but how willing are you to keep working on it?

You’re more than welcome to keep coming back
walking down that memory lane, staying on that track
But life never waits on you
There are more to do

Why the sad face?
Why keep putting them in such disgrace?
No mortals are that patient; they too grow cold
They get sick to death of constantly being told
that they’re still not good enough,
according to your oh-so-high standard

You can’t keep expecting others to fix your past
only to make your personal joy last
Good luck in finding that
There’s no point in making them feel bad

Keep doing what you do
Don’t be surprised when they have finally moved on without you
and you guys are through.


(Jakarta, 9/7/2015 – 10:30 am)

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