How to Fall in Love

forget everything about yourself.
laugh at his jokes.
even the misogynistic racist ones.
you must boost up his ego
as he puts down yours.
learn to lose board games on purpose.
do not call out the fact that “view”
is spelled I before E.
let him win.
we must be smart,
but not too smart.
fall in love with him,
while you forget to love yourself.
change yourself completely.
doll yourself up in shades
you’ve never tried before.
dye your hair and hide your favorite freckle.
do not call your loved ones when you stay out all night.
have a beer or two or three
for the first time in a long time.
do not call your loved ones.
forget about your loved ones.
forget about yourself.
make sure he is satisfied.
get familiar with this feeling,
the feeling of inadequacy
because this is love.

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